BA (Hons) in Advertising and Corporate Communication

This programme is aimed at integrating advertising, public relations and corporate communication into one unified domain of professional study that nurtures a new generation of media practitioners with an ability of breaking down barriers of lines of work and communication. One of the unique characteristics of this new programme is its emphasis of “solution-based”. A completion of the programme means that the graduates will be able to work well for the agency or corporation that provides an integrated service or solution of advertising, public relations and communication to private or public entities.

Aims of the Programme

  • Nurture a creative generation of media and communication practitioners of advertising and corporate communication with a mindset of cross-boundary.
  • Provide an integrated training of practical skills of advertising, public and investor relations to serve and offer communication strategies and solutions to private and public entities.
  • Bridge communications of all aspects across sectors and territories to foster understanding and the perception of corporate image.

Objectives of the Programme

  • Training up students capable of working out communication strategies or solutions that integrate advertising and PR elements.
  • Paving a solid ground for youngsters to enter advertising and corporate communication sectors with a creative mind and problem solving ability.
  • Enabling students to become a knowledgeable addition to advertising agencies, PR firms, or any firm that offers an integrated solution of advertising and corporate communication from ad-production, event management, PR communication, to concept marketing, etc.
  • Educating youngsters to develop attributes of cross-culture, cross-sector, and cross-territory to cope with the social context of globalisation and postmodernity.