Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Communication and Crossmedia

The programme offers a new approach to the application of communication theories and media techniques for communication work and media production. One of the unique characteristics of this new programme is its emphasis on “border-free” or “genre-free” communication and media production. The programme will provide an extensive training and exploration on production skills that emphasize “crossovers” of media contents and formats of any kinds. A completion of the programme means that the graduates will be able to pursue a sound career in communication work and media production across media contents and platforms.

Aims of the Programme

  • To provide a solid education on the application of border-free communication and media production that cuts across genres and purposes.
  • To educate a creative generation of media practitioners capable of handling digital devices to make up crossover contents and formats for communication of all purposes.
  • To contribute mobile media practitioners with a crossover mindset and ability of working out the production and contents on convergent media platforms.

Objectives of the Programme

  • Enabling students to adapt to the digitalization effects and impacts on communications, ways of perception, media formats and platforms.
  • To train up students with a variety of techniques to configure interactive communication and integrate its contents in a crossmedia format.
  • Developing students with the ability of hybriding any communication and production formats for the production of the mobile media.
  • Educating youngsters to develop attributes of cross-culture, cross-sector, cross-genre and cross-territory to cope with the social context of globalisation and postmodernity.