Learning Facilities

Providing sufficient resource to meet various needs of academic programmes is prerequisite for achieving high standard and quality education. Our College has invested significantly in maintaining and enhancing many existing facilities and related services. Over the years, our journalism and communication facilities, IT support and library services have undergone major upgrades to provide up-to-date teaching and learning environment.

Experimental TV Studio and Control Room

The TV studio and control room is equipped with a number of sets of CCD Studio camera and a variety of up-to-date equipment for outdoor shooting, editing and postproduction of TV programmes.

Experimental Radio Studio

This studio provides the most updated professional equipment currently employed in major radio stations and production facilities in Hong Kong, including Vocal Recording Studio, On-Air Control Room, Editing Workstation, Telephone Hybrid. The vocal recording studio and control room are available for producing experimental radio programs in which audio sources can be mixed and special sound effects can be added. For enhancing audio quality, students may also produce their radio programmes using the audio editing workstation.

Multimedia Production Room

The production room offers high performance multimedia workstations which are equipped with the latest hardware and software with sophisticated software for multimedia design and development projects.