Mr. LI Hin Wah, Sherman

Senior Lecturer

Associate Programme Director ( Communication and Crossmedia programme )

Tel.: (852) 2972 7295
Fax.: (852) 2972 7324
By Appointment: Monday to Friday, Office Hour

Academic and Professional Qualifications

BA (National Taiwan University)

LLM (Peking University, China)

Mr Sherman Li used to work for Dow Jones, BBC, CTN and media organizations in Hong Kong.

List of Publications

List of Publications

  • 編輯及作者:《全球議題72詞》,2010,香港:匯智出版社。(Editor and Writer:72 Keywords of Global Issues, HK: Infolink Publishing.)

  • 學術會議論文:《香港媒體詞彙“中國化”現象探析》—上海: 上海復旦大學傳播學院論文集,2012)。(Conference paper: An Analysis: Chinese Lexical Changes of Hong Kong News Media – Fu Dan University, Shanghai, 2012.)

  • 書頁:《後殖民時期香港新聞自由備受爭議》, 香港:城市大學出版社,2012。Book Chapter: Controversy Over Press Freedom In Post-colonist Hong Kong.)

  • 書評:調景嶺:香港歷史中被撕裂的一頁 評《山河.家國.難民情 — 調景嶺小故事》,2015。(Book Review: Rennie's Mill - A Torn Off Page of Hong Kong History)

  • 書評:大國博弈夾縫中的小國經營術 — 評《老撾的地緣政治學:扈從還是避險》,2017。)(Book Review: Geopolitical Strategy of Lao)

  • 書評:地靈不滅 —— 香港書展讀《回歸20年:香港精神的變易》,2017。(Book Review: The Genius Loci of Hong Kong: Twenty years After Handover)

  • Book Chapter: Mainlandization of vocabulary in communication, Mainlandization of Hong Kong: Pressures and Responses, City university of Hong Kong, 2017.

  • 論文:中港矛盾與新聞媒體政治極化的政治經濟學,《亞洲研究》73期,香港珠海學院。(Essay: Political Economy of Hong Kong Media, Asia Studies, Chu Hai College of Higher Education.)

  • Essay: One City and Three Arbitration Centres: Business or Political Decision? 2017 (conference paper at Niigata Prefecture University, Japan)

  • 《英漢金融市場詞彙》BBC學院(

  • 論文:分析:布托之死 南亞危機四伏,BBC中文網,2007。(Essay: An Analysis of the Assassination of Benazir Bhutto