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(繁體中文) 《珠海新聞》新48期已經出版
JCC students received certificates of appreciation
JCC students create “Negative Togetherness”
Chu Hai News Issue 47 (Chinese version only)
(繁體中文) 我們是這樣長大的
(繁體中文) 2018年「TVB大專紀實短片比賽」評審大獎 – 《向性侵說不》
(繁體中文) 新傳系跨媒體潮流雜誌式節目-四個女人搞搞震 一個男人冇幫襯
Flowers of life
Chu Hai News Issue 46 (Chinese version only)
Chu Hai News Issue 45 (Chinese version only)