Our graduates have an excellent employment track record in the competitive media market. With a Greater China concept in mind, our programme is designed to extend our students’ manoeuvrability in finding jobs or handling assignments from the local market into the neighbouring Chinese-speaking areas. Completion of our programme that integrates journalism and communication studies, social science, and Chinese contextual communication not only means a possession of a valuable asset to become a knowledgeable journalist, it can also help open up a passage to develop careers in those sectors that require a strong sense of society awareness, such as politics, research, public relations, market planning in transnational companies, and etc.

Global Connections

In order to apply the theoretical knowledge in the global environment, students will have the opportunity of a summer placement in various reputable news and broadcasting agencies in Hong Kong, Taiwan, U.S.A., Canada and Singapore. There are currently 50 media organizations offering internship to our students.

Fields of Employment

A recent record of our graduates working in the profession.