JCC students’ microfilm set to explore cyberlove

Students of the Communication and Crossmedia programme, Journalism Department (JCC) kicked start their microfilm “Deceitful Face”.
“Deceitful Face” is scripted and produced by So Yu, co-directed by Harley Cheng and Sam Pang. Some JCC students take their roles in the film crew, such as camera operator, gaffer, boom operator and sound editor, prop maker, art director, etc.
People nowadays live in both the physical world and the virtual world. These two worlds look parallel but intertwine at the same time. “Deceitful Face” explores how a love relationship is caught in this catch 22 situation.
“Deceitful Face” is JCC programme’s yearly benchmark project funded by the College with assistances from alumni and teaching staff.

JCC students and Professor Andy Chan all smile on the film set.

Some high school students who join the college’s summer workshop gel with the JCC students.

Sam Pang (Front left) and Harley Cheng (Front right) co-direct “Deceitful Face”.

Sam Pang (left) and Harley Cheng (right) call the shots.

Kris, an alumna of the college, acts as the female supporting character.

Harley Cheng talks to the film crew.

Sam (left) discusses the plot with female leading character Nam (right).

Willis (left) dangles the boom mic in perfect position as Melody (right) operates sound mixing.

A scene sets at the college’s cafeteria.