Ms. Shirley CHEUNG

Senior Lecturer

By Appointment: Monday to Friday, Office Hour

Academic Qualifications

BA in Design (HKPolyU)
Teacher Cert (HKEdU)
MSc in IT in Education (HKU)
Specialist Cert in Songwriting (Berklee)
MA in Music (CUHK)


Ms. Shirley Cheung is an experienced educator and cross-media artist. She has obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Design (Graphic Design) from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, a diploma in Education from the Education University of Hong Kong, a Master of Science in Information Technology in Education from the University of Hong Kong, a Master of Arts in Music from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and a Specialist Certificate in Songwriting from Berklee College of Music in the United States. Ms. Cheung has been working in universities and tertiary colleges and has extensive experience in teaching and curriculum development. She has been awarded the “Teaching Excellence Award (Curriculum Development)” at her previous serving educational institution and was a Programme Leader. Besides being an educator in higher education, Ms. Cheung served as a consultant to produce interactive multimedia works for companies like Motorola and the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, which had been used in professional training and education projects.

In addition to her focus on education, Ms. Cheung loves various art forms and has continued to create over the years. She has engaged in a wide range of art, including painting, music, multimedia art, design, etc. Ms. Cheung has studied Chinese painting under Mr. Pang Chai Sip, a senior painter of the Lingnan School since she was a teenager. She has committed to adhering to the Lingnan School’s painting style of “eclectic Chinese and foreign, integrating ancient and modern”. Ms. Cheung loves to combine Eastern and Western painting techniques to form her own style. Ms. Cheung’s paintings are of extraordinary momentum, and she is good at using moving clouds and flowing water as the key themes. Her paintings are vivid and full of images. Ms. Cheung has held solo exhibitions of modern Chinese paintings in China, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, and Hong Kong. In 2019, Ms. Cheung’s ink paintings won the “Japan-China Friendship Association Grand Prize” at the “Japan-China Friendship Association 36th Japan-China Joint Ink Painting Exhibition” and were exhibited at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum, Japan. In November 2019, she was invited to participate in the “Shenzhen International Art Fair” and in 2022, she was invited to participate in the “Belt and Road Art Fair”.

In recent years, she has become more interested in combining music, projection, and interactive elements to produce multimedia visual art. Ms. Cheung loves to integrate Chinese aesthetic concepts into music and multimedia creations. She has also collaborated with the Hong Kong Illustrators Society to publish the “City Scape” Multimedia Music picture book. In terms of music, Ms. Cheung has held multimedia concerts with the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, Hulu Culture, Phoenix TV, Jockey Club Creative Arts Center, etc. In addition, Ms. Cheung established the “Music in Motion” art group in 2008 and served as the Art Director to encourage young people to create original music and strive to pursue and realize their dreams. She also organized and produced music shows regularly for young people to publish their compositions and got strong support from the industry. In recent years, Ms. Cheung has been studying the expressive forms of music and contemporary Chinese painting. She has held multimedia music live performances and used art technology to combine music and images to create immersive art experiences.