Ms. YIU Wai Ling, Carol

Senior Lecturer

Tel.: (852) 2972 7304
Fax.: (852) 2972 7324
By Appointment: Monday to Friday, Office Hour

Academic Qualifications

BA (Chu Hai College)
BA (Lingnan University)
MA (University College London, UK)


Carol Yiu enjoys teaching News Translation and News Reporting and Writing at Chu Hai’s undergraduate Journalism programme. Throughout her career, Carol has worked for a number of media organizations in HK and the UK, including ATV and the BBC. She has experience working as a reporter, news translator, sub-editor and producer.

She completed her master degree in Electronic Communication and Publishing. She is interested in web communication as well as multimedia design and development, especially as regards usability and accessibility for different users.

She has also served as the web editor of the college’s website. Her duties include writing, producing and editing web content.