JCC Students Transcend to Music World of Metaverse

Students of Communication and Crossmedia programme, led by senior lecturer Mr Carlos Hui, produced a MV by using motion-capture and 3D animation techniques.


The song “Come with me”is a parable about how the Generation Alpha defy the normal logic of order, but dance their way transcending through various heterotopias to find peace and love in the metaverse.


The MV is composed, directed, Choreographed and post-produced by JCC students as one of their course assignments and the first step to explore how to monetize digital asset NFT (non-fungible token).


Please refer to the below link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I5rmhstBlzo

MV: “Come with Me”

Music/Lyric/Vocal: Zhu zhu

Final RemiX: D.T.

Dance Choreographer: Oi Ling Tang

3D Supervisor/Senior Lecturer: Carlos Hui


DSE students can apply Year 1 admission through JUPAS (JUPAS Code: JSSC04), while Associate Degree and Higher diploma graduates can gain direct admission to Year 3 entry of our programme.

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