JCM student wins top prize in Powerpoint Karaoke Competition

Zhang Zhendong, a soon-to-be year-4 student of the Department of Journalism and Communication (JCM), won the top prize in the individual category in the “Powerpoint Karaoke” competition, which was held online on May 21. The event was jointly organised by seven mainland student associations of Hong Kong higher education institutions.


In this competition, each contestant was assigned a Powerpoint presentation created by randomly assembling unrelated slides together. The contestants were not allowed to see the slides before presenting and had to finish the presentation within the time limit in front of a panel of judges. During the presentation, they tried their best to tie the slides together into a cohesive theme. This tested the immediate response-ability and a reserve of knowledge of each contestant. The winner was the one making out a convincing presentation fluently among the 36 participants.


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Each contestant needs to finish the presentation within the time limit.



Zhang Zhendong was delivering a presentation based on a set of slides that he had never seen before.