JCC short film to screen in Bangkok Asean Film Festival

‘No Panic’, a short film produced and directed by the teachers of Communication and Crossmedia programme (JCC), will be screening in Bangkok Asean Film Festival (BAFF) on 13 Dec.

The film was screenplayed and produced by Mr Leung Tak Man, JCC Programme Leader, and directed by Mr Ho Fung, an adjunct lecturer of the programme. It is one the three short films of BAFF’s Omnibus Feature Film Project, which is a collaborative project launched first time in 2021 that encourages more regional exchange with the support of ACBS (Asia Content Business Summit) beyond the pandemic.


It is a story about a single-parent family during the Covid-19 epidemic. The father is a medical staff who works long hours away from home. The daughter is obsessed with cleanliness and against her father to voluntarily work on the frontline. The daughter’s unkempt grandpa suddenly drops by and stays at their home. A ‘panic war’ is triggered among the kin…

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