JCC Students master music skills from live performance

The JCC students made practice performing at the college’s multi-purpose studio to sharpen their music performance and stage management skills.

Students of the Communication and Crossmedia programme (JCC) rolled up their sleeves to set up audio and music equipment on the stage, comprehending how the stagehands and audio engineers collaborate with the musicians in live performance.

Mr Tonyi Ng, the lecturer in Music Engineering, and Mr Sing Hui, Studio Supervisor of the communication department, taught students how the positions of musical instruments and audio equipment will affect the stage sound quality and how to use sound effects in an acoustic environment.

Performance, at its heart, is an act of beauty, kindness, and generosity. JCC students commit themselves to crossmedia communication and help contribute to the society.

DSE students can apply Year 1 admission through JUPAS (JUPAS Code: JSSC04), while Associate Degree and Higher diploma graduates can gain direct admission to Year 3 entry of our programme.


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