JCC Team Among Top Five Finalists for First Feature Film Initiative

A team of our graduates recommended by Communication and Crossmedia Programme (JCC / JUPAS Code: JSSC04) has been selected to be one of the last five finalists for CreateHK’s First Feature Film Initiative (FFFI) competition (the Higher Education Institution Group).


The film “Summersaulting Rock” will be directed by our graduate of 2012 Mr Sze Ting Sang and produced by Mr Eric Tsang Chi-wai, a prominent figure of the industry. Chu Hai College of Higher Education has been one of the recommending bodies approved by FFFI to screen and nominate a participating team in the competition.


Some well received films such as “Weeds On Fire” and “Mad World” were directed and produced by the winning teams of FFFI.

The FFFI competition is divided into the Higher Education Institution Group (HEIG) and the Professional Group (PG), each with a maximum of three prizes. The winning teams of the HEIG and the PG will be awarded a maximum of $5 million and $8 million respectively from the Film Development Fund (FDF) to make their first feature films.