MA Students Attend CNN Bootcamp in Abu Dhabi

Students of the Master of Arts in Global Communication program under the J&C Department, joined the one-week (from 5 December to 9 December) Bootcamp being held at CNN Academy in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The tour was led by the Program Director, Professor Peter Kwan, and Dr. Tracy Lee, an associate professor of the Department.

This study tour is an intensive learning experience for our 21 students. They attended masterclasses chaired by Becky Anderson, Managing Editor of CNN Abu Dhabi and Anchor of Connect the World with Becky Anderson, who delivered valuable insights into the operations behind CNN’s reporting from large-scale global events and the perspective of photojournalists, how they use various kit and operate in the field.

The students were also assigned into groups of 4 to 5 persons to participate in a newsroom simulation competition. They came from 28 different nationalities, including CNN Academy partnerships with Loyola University Seville of Spain, University of Nottingham Malaysia, University College Dublin of Ireland, and Chu Hai College of Higher Education of Hong Kong along with those taking part in the latest CNN Academy Abu Dhabi. They then investigated and news gathered at a scene built on a film set at the twofour54 Kizad backlot where they interacted with CNN journalists playing the roles of eyewitnesses, activists and corporate representatives.

After deducing the story and best angles, the participants pitched a panel of senior CNN staff, replicating the interaction with editors in a newsroom. Out of the 18 groups participating in the competition, only 6 teams were selected as finalists and our students were among 3 of the teams.

This one-week boot camp has served as a wonderful out-of-the-classroom learning experience for all our MA students!

A group photo of the participants and the CNN staff members

A group photo of our MA students, Professor Peter Kwan and Dr. Tracy Lee

Participants are attending a seminar

Becky Anderson, Managing Editor of CNN Abu Dhabi chaired a seminar