Music Master shares with JCC students his pilgrimage of film scoring

Tsui Chin Hung, one of the new generation of musicians in Hong Kong, shared his spiritual journey of music composing and film scoring with students of Communication and Crossmedia (JCC) Programme.

He demonstrated some muted footages to explain how music scores can harmonize, develop and extend the story arc. Tsui said that film scoring, just like directing and editing,the musician should know how the music connects with the story. Take the film “Coffin Home” that he scored for example, as the film is a black humorous ghost story, the music score for a ghost scene should be spooky with a humorous variation.

“At the end of the film, all neighbours of a small flat in a dilapidated tenement rush to the haunted mansion. It can be a march accompanied with an undertone of irony to recall the theme of the film,” he further elaborated.

Tsui told JCC students the way to creativity is long and lonely, and a musician tends to listen to his or her own voice. “But we must open our ‘third eye’ to look into us and our works so that we will not go astray or get into a dead end.”

Tsui Chin Hung has composed music for renowned troupes, chambers, and ballets in Hong Kong and overseas. He also composed film scores for “Ciao UFO”, “Golden Boy” and “Coffin Home”.

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Tsui told JCC students the way to creativity is long and lonely, but “we must open our ‘third eye’ to look into us and our works”.

A gathering photo of speaker Mr Tsui Chin Hung (second row, fifth from left), JCC teacher Mr Tonyi Ng  (second row, sixth from left) and participating students.