Greeting the world’s young media professionals and journalism students

A group of 52 young media professionals, journalism students and trainers from various countries and areas taking part in the “International Young Sports Reporters Training Camp 2018” visited the College and the Journalism Department on 6 April 2018. They showed a great interest to find out how journalism programme is run in Hong Kong. They came from countries or areas such as Mongolia, Holland, Paraguay, Taiwan, Malaysia, Uganda, Columbia, Macao, Mainland China, Afghanistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Bahrain, Ghana, etc.


A Dutch young reporter is reading our prospectus.


They are fancy with Chroma Key effects.


Getting a chance to imitate how a TV news anchor presents.


Acting like a real cameraman in the professional broadcast studio.


Taking a group photo in the news broadcast studio is a must.


Having fun with the camera dolly in the crossmedia multipurpose theatre.


It is nice to get in touch with Chu Hai College of Higher Education.


A Chief Editor of BBC Media Action in Afghanistan (L2) is one of the training camp instructors.


The Young Sports Reporters Training Camp is run every year by the HK Sports Press Association (香港體育記者協會).