JAC students observe how to run a CORPCOM event

Five students from the Advertising and Corporate Communication (JAC) Programme participated in the “Volvo Cars HK Bicycling E-Gen Challenge” to observe how an event is run during the Easter holiday between 31 March and 1 April, 2018.

Through an active participation and observation, the five students learned more about the work of public relations practitioners in a real context. Besides giving support to launch the opening ceremony, they also assisted the public to take part in “bicycling to generate power”.

This 2-day CSR event aims to promote a new concept of environmental driving and encourage the public to participate in charity activities and caring for the underprivileged families.

The responses were overwhelming with a total of 698 common people and volunteers engaging in this 2-day CSR activity, including Ex-HK Olympic cycling athletes, Chan Chun Hing and Jemie Wong, as well as a famous actor Michael Tong. By continuously riding on the bicycle to generate electricity, the event successfully raised HK$50,000 for the NGO – Treats. Donated by Volvo Cars HK, the money is expected to help more than 100 families for some kind of alleviation.


JAC students take part in a CORPCOM project in a real PR and promotion context, from left: Mo Yu Yim, JAC Lecturer Eddy Hui, Kwok Sin Yee, Lam Yuen Man, Principal Lecturer Felix Poon.


The JAC students make effort to generate something.


JAC students, Chan Cheuk Lun (L) and Siu Ching Yi, learn how to launch a communication project.


Two Ex-HK Olympic cycling athletes, Chan Chun Hing and Jemie Wong, support the event.


Bicycling to generate electricity aims at sending out a new concept of environmental driving through a charity activity.