News & Events

JCC Microfilm Nominated Award for Best Short Film at IFFAM
Seasoned Producer advises Chu Hai College and OUHK LiPACE Students on MV Production
Chu Hai Students Enjoy Successful Shnit Short Film Preview Screening
Chu Hai College Hosts Preview Screening for 17th Shnit Short Film Festival
Chu Hai College Hosts Caritas ‘New Media’ Awards Ceremony
(繁體中文) 本校新聞及傳播系學生連續三年在TVB大專紀實短片比賽中獲獎
JCM Students Win Three Awards in the Consumer Rights Reporting Competition
J&C Department Co-organizes Professional LED Lighting Workshop
(繁體中文) LED專業燈光分享工作坊
JCC students’ microfilm set to explore cyberlove